Missoulahomeschool.com exists to support alternative education which encompasses all types of homeschooling, parent-directed learning, self-directed learning, and hybrid-schooling throughout Missoula, Montana and Bitterroot areas. Our goal here is to share relevant information with individuals, families and existing co-ops to make homeschooling a viable and successful option in this community.

Check out the tabs at the top of this page, each are designed to support you in a different way, as you travel this path of home education.

The Getting Started tab gives you access to the latest information on homeschooling laws in Montana, as well as Missoula specific resources and immunization exemption laws and forms if you need that information.

The Resources tab lists contact information available in and around Missoula, Montana for co-ops, support groups, hybrid schools, etc.

Check back from time to time and click on Announcements, this is where you will learn about new and upcoming activities and happenings that might not be on the calendar yet, or don’t fit on the calendar.

The tab that has great potential to help you, is the calendar tab. This will contain all the classes and activities that are available for homeschoolers each month. Each entry is hyperlinked to give you the details and tell you whether it is an ongoing drop in class or if you need to register for it, some hyperlinks will take you directly to the registration page. What’s Happening lists events that are happening on the current day, as well as gives a couple days ahead.

Please feel free to explore this site and do not hesitate to contact us with questions, comments and suggestions. We are here for you.